Volume One

No. 5

Batavia, Illinois
November, 1960
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Those who are forgetful of the splendid lessons of the past, withhold their best efforts in the present and view the future only with alarm.

Another record crowd, the attendance was 125, came out to hear an excellent program. This was given in the First Methodist Church basement at 3:00 p.m. Sunday, November 6, 1960. Our president, Miss Eunice Shumway, listed the future events of interest to our members. Then she read a list of the present members of the Batavia Fire Department. Malcolm Derby read a history of our host church. The First Methodist Class was organized in 1836 by a circuit rider in the Van Nortwick home.  In 1852, they erected their first church at the corner of First and Washington Streets, now the School for Exceptional Children. In 1887, the present church was built, a gift of Rev. E. H. Gammon and Captain Don Carlos Newton, his brother-in-law. They are looking forward to celebrating their 125th anniversary next year. Jeffery Schielke, eleven years old and our youngest member, sixth grader in the Louise White School, supplemented the succeeding talk by telling of the fire in the east side school on January 10, 1893 as told to him by his grandmother. The stone in the old walls was used to fill in the gully in State Street between N. River and Washington Avenue. Fred Richter's talk on the "History of the Batavia Fire Department" was so excellently written up in the Aurora Beacon-News and the Batavia Herald that any discussion of his talk here would be mere repetition. It was well given and well received by the appreciative audience. The discussion was supplemented with a display of old Fire Department momentos.

The display arranged by Mrs. Elaine Cannon, consisted of several photos of old time Fire Department members loaned by Mrs. C. J. Kunches; photos of the present fire fighting equipment, taken by Mrs. Pauline Campbell and some old Sanborn fire maps of Batavia published in 1885.
We will soon have our first bronze plaque placed on a century old house in Batavia. From December 4 to 10, Mann Associates is displaying momentos of early Batavia in their windows. Do you have something to display here? Mrs. Pauline Campbell, one of our members, has done it again.  
A photograph of the Congregational Church has been accepted by the Chicago Historical Society.  It will be placed in the file "Chicagoland in Pictures." Don't forget our special project.  Ten different views of Batavia, past and present, on note paper in a substantial portfolio.  They will make dandy Christmas presents.  Price $1. 75.  The proceeds go toward publishing "The History of Batavia" now in manuscript form.

Our next meeting will be February 5, 1961, in the Holy Cross Catholic School Auditorium.  
The subject will be "Among My Treasures."  
If you have some interesting memorabilia of Batavia that you would like to show and talk about at this meeting, please contact our program chairman, Mrs. Martha Wood. We were on the air, WMRO, last Monday, November 14 at 9:35 a.m.  
Ray Patzer talked about the B.H.S. and the early history of Batavia.  We now have our first life member, Mr. August J. Mier, 739 Cleveland Avenue.


Ellis, Mrs. Charles V.

Name omitted in our fourth list.

Beem, Mrs. Emma

Carlson, Mr. Ellis

Carlson, Mrs. Ellis

Freedlund, Mr. Oliver

Harold, Mr. Carl

Jeanson, Mrs. Lloyd

Jarnecke, Mrs. A. T.

Johnson, Miss Anne L.

Johnson, Mrs. Stanley A.

Johnstone, Mrs. Gilbert

Koehler, Miss Pauline

Lindvall, Miss Marta

Madsen, Mr. Otto

Madsen, Mrs. Otto

Mann, Mr. Forrest

Mann, Mrs. Forrest

Mann, Miss Melinda

Mead, Miss Ora L.

Nelson, Miss Caroline

Peterson, Mr. Harold F.

Richter, Mr. Frederick C.

Richter, Mrs. Frederick C.

Rundle, Mr. George

Rundle, Mrs. George

Schielke, Mrs. Herman

Strickland, Mrs. Elva

Sykora, Miss Emily

Sykora, Miss Josephine

Sykora, Miss Rose

Wood, William J.

R. 1, Box 397, Batavia  


16 S. River St.

424 N. Prairie St.

424 N. Prairie St.

16 N. Jefferson St.

15 S. River St.

823 N. Washington Ave.

521 S. Batavia Ave.

316 McKee St.

729 Houston St.

15 N. Washington Ave.

15 S. River St.

248 N. Washington St.

934 S. 4th St., St. Charles

934 S. 4th St., St. Charles

356 First St.

356 First St.

356 First St.

316 McKee St.

521 S. Batavia Ave.

24 S. Mallory Ave.

113 N. College St.

113 N. College St.

417 S. Water St.

417 S. Water St.

219 Columbia St.

319 N. Washington St.

419 S. Harrison St.

419 S. Harrison St.

419 S. Harrison St.

515 N. Washington Ave.

We now have a total membership of 220.  We have Miss Alice Storer and Miss Viola McDowell to thank for this.  There is still time to get in as a charter member - until January 1, 1961.  Annual dues, $l.00 - Life membership, $25.00 The Board Members wish to thank each one of you for the splendid support and interest which you have shown during this first year.